Carpenters Southwest Administrative Corporation

Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit (DEVA)



New Medicare rules now require us to collect Social Security Numbers and file the information with Medicare.  We will be asking you for social security numbers for your family members in the near future. 

As a participant in the Southwest Carpenters Health and Welfare Trust you share with us the goal of maintaining the quality and value of this important benefit.  Because protecting the long-term viability of our health plan is important to all of us, we are asking for your partnership and assistance. 

One way of protecting your benefit is to make sure that only eligible individuals are enrolled in the plan.  Although we believe the majority of enrolled dependents meet our eligibility requirements, there may be some instances when an employee mistakenly covers an ineligible dependent.  When this occurs, each of us shares in the cost for the coverage of the ineligible dependent in our programs.  We will be conducting an eligibility audit in the near future.  This audit will progress in stages starting with those members enrolled in our Fee-For-Service Medical Plan.  We will be asking for verification of dependents as well as social security numbers for all dependents as required by Medicare.

We have contracted with a company called Secova who will be performing this audit for us. We appreciate your cooperation.  Check your mail for additional information about this project or contact Secova at 1-866-208-3204 or their website at