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Vacation Plan

A summary of the Vacation Plan is found below. For a complete description of plan rules and appeal procedures, see the Summary Plan Description (SPD).

Enrollment & Eligibility

Payment of Contributions to the Plan establishes your eligibility for participation and benefits. Once employer contributions are received, an SPD and enrollment materials are sent to Participants by mail. New participants must complete the Plan’s enrollment process to receive Plan benefits.


Contributions to the Vacation Plan are made by signatory Employers according to the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement ("CBA") or Subscribers Agreement. Most, but not all, CBAs require contributions to the Vacation Plan, depending upon the employee's job classification or period of Apprenticeship.

The Plan Year covers Contributions for the work months from September of last year through August of the current year.


Payment of Benefits

Regular December Distribution

The Regular Payment of Vacation benefits for the Plan Year to eligible, and enrolled Participants is automatically distributed on or around December 1st of each year by check or direct deposit (when verifiable banking information has been submitted). No Request form is required to receive the annual December payment.

Early Withdrawals

Early Withdrawals are available, by Direct Deposit only, to Participants who have completed the enrollment process, provided authorized deduction instructions, and submitted verifiable banking information.

Banking information for Direct Deposit can be submitted through the MemberXG Portal in the Upload tab of the Document Center.

There are two types of Early Withdrawal available to eligible Participants:

July Scheduled Annual Early Withdrawals

If you want to receive your Vacation Benefits in two automatic distributions per year (July and December) instead of one, opt in by submitting a request through the MemberXG Portal in the Document Center or completing and returning the Election Form to the Administrative Office.

The Administrative Office will honor your request as long as your request is submitted by June 1st of the year you want to begin to receive July withdrawals. July and December payouts will automatically continue every year as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements, or you submit a request to change it.

July Early Withdrawals will cover contributions in the Plan Year from September of last year through February of the current year. Contributions through August of the current year that are not distributed in an Early Withdrawal will be paid in December.

Payments for July Early Withdrawals are only made by Direct Deposit.

On Demand Early Withdrawals

On Demand Early Withdrawals are available two times per calendar year in the amount equal to your account balance on the last day of the second month prior to the request less $120. This option is in addition to the July and December distributions. 



Request Date September 15th

Balance Date July 31st
Balance Amount $1000
Withdrawal Amount $880 (equal to $1,000 minus $120)

Participants must make a request for an On Demand Early Withdrawal through the MemberXG Portal and the Administrative Office will issue payments by Direct Deposit once weekly. Requests received at the Administrative Office through Sunday before 9:00 p.m. PST will be issued the following Wednesday each week.

Contributions through August of the current year not already distributed in an Early Withdrawal will be paid with the December Distribution. 

To be eligible for On Demand Early Withdrawals, you must have received a Regular December Distribution in the past and the first Contribution made on your behalf must have been for a period longer than 12 months from your request date. 

Colorado Apprentices

Apprentices in Colorado who have successfully completed a training session as required by the Southwest Carpenters Training Fund, may request an early withdrawal through their Training Center if they have contributions available and do not meet the requirements for an On Demand Early Withdrawal.

Check Stub Audits, Unreported, Late or Unfunded Contributions:

If you believe that your contributions have been reported incorrectly, you must make a claim to the Administrative Office within 1 year. Be sure to include your payroll check stubs to support your claim.

Death Benefits

In the event of a Participant's death, benefits due will be paid to the Participant's designated beneficiary or next of kin, according to the SPD.

It is important to keep your Beneficiary Designation updated to reflect your current wishes.

See the Life Events page for additional details on Death Benefits.

Dividend Payments

Net earnings on Contributions to the Plan are used to cover administrative costs and to provide reserves. However, remaining net earnings or plan assets may be credited to your account as a Dividend at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Dividends, when approved, will be distributed with the Regular December 1st distribution. However, no dividend will be applied to balances paid as part of an Early Withdrawal.



Vacation benefits are paid according to the rules of the Plan. If you or your Beneficiary believe that you are entitled to benefits under the Plan and you have not been paid, you must notify the Administrative Office in writing of your claim within 180 days of the date you believe you should have been paid. If your claim is denied, you will be notified in writing and you, or your Beneficiary may then petition the Board of Trustees for a review of the denial.


For More Information

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